Door To Door Auto Transport

The system of transporting your vehicle from one part of the State to another, is mostly preferred when moving to a new location.

The process is hassle free, secured and punctuality in delivery, and Americans solely rely on this.

The system of transporting your vehicle from one part of the State to another, is mostly preferred when moving to a new location. The process is hassle free, secured and punctuality in delivery, and Americans solely rely on this.

But moving the vehicle to a new location and the price tag is a bit concerning for the Americans, for which they hesitate before taking the final leap. Nevertheless, US Car Ship Trucking is here to attend to all your relevant concerns, when taking such a big step.

The Ins and Outs of Door-To-Door Auto Transport

To answer what is Door to Door Auto Transporting, we say: Picking up your valuable car from the specified location of your choice, provided it has the way in for a 18 Tire hauler/truck and delivering it to the final door point of your desired location. We make it much easier than it sounds.

Vehicle Shipping Service Usable For ? There are two advantages

Surprising a family member with their dream new car. Be it your Parents, sibling or 18 years old child, who just got their Driving Lisence. Early Morning surprises are one of the best possible ways to give what’s precious to them. The happiness and love, they feel and you see in them, can never be recreated,

The trend of Door to Door transport is now a very common thing among the Americans. People are spending each half of the year in different corners of the country. Due to climatic and weather inconsistencies, people move from the southern part to the northern or vice versa, in the mid part of the year. These practices are done mostly by retired people or those who own houses in different locations of the country. But, they move to a completely different State, but like to tag along their precious vehicle also. Here is where we come handy. Transporting to the doorstep at any given location and in time. .

In today’s time, it is not only the “Snowbirds” who enjoy the trips. People having their family members spread across the country, like to visit them as well as explore different parts of their country during their breaks. Transporting the family vehicle with a door to door auto transporter, while they fly to their destination is a good way to relax and travel.

Methods of Door-To-Door Auto Transport

Two types of transporting methods are followed when moving your vehicle from one end to another. The process is mostly cheap.

One can open vehicle carriers on the highways, Dealerships use this type of carriers to move autos from the factories or ports to the dealers across the country. The vehicles are kept seated through a series of chains, attaching the carrier to the vehicle body part or frame.

Another process is the “enclosed carrier” auto transportation. Seen from outside one is unable to make out that, it contains vehicles which are being shipped to every corner of the country. Autos are kept tight and compact, with soft straps to avoid any loose ends. Among these two processes, the “Enclosed Trailer” transportation is far more expensive than the open transportation, though it completely protects the auto from all weather, dirt and debris, all throughout their way to their destination point.

How do I prep my Vehicle before transportation?

Better to pay a visit to your local mechanic and get it inspected thoroughly. Know more about the condition of your vehicle before shipping.

Though nothing is likely to occur, still for your peace of mind, it is better to be aware of the condition of your vehicle before it leaves your eyesight. Inform the transport company of any issue your car may be experiencing. Clean inside out, before shipping.

Never fill your vehicle with gas before shipping as it will add extra weight on the trailer your vehicle is being shipped. Also, gas may be cheaper where you are moving.

Here are the few things to consider before shipping. Though it may look pricey, think about the hotel stay, fooding, gas consumption, and self driving across the country. Vehicle transportation is cheaper and safer, under any given circumstances. Get a free quote today, on Cross Country vehicle Shipping.

The Pros and Cons of Door-To-Door Auto Transportation


  • Delivery is made to the closet point of contact or directly to your doorstep, depending on the rules and regulations of different States and the condition of the roads where the delivery takes place.
  • We try to add minimum or no mileage to your vehicle of transport.
  • Thorough inspection on behalf of the transportation company takes place to ensure that, the auto remain in the exact same condition when delivered.
  • All deliveries made through acarship are fully insured. So sit back and relax and leave the important job to us.


  • In a few cases, the delivery may not be on your doorstep. Some States as well as communities, have certain regulations imposed for which heavy and long trailers may have issues delivering. Double check the locations available for delivery.
  • If your delivery is around a place where an 18 tier trailer cannot make a delivery, yet to need it badly at your doorstep, it will cost you the extra money to get that done. Carriers have the option to work with local “Flatbed” deliveries to get your auto delivered to your doorstep, at an extra cost. Converse with our customer care, and know more about the options and the costs.
  • In very rare cases, a certain natural disaster or a human made mishap may take place which can delay the delivery of your precious vehicle on time. Make sure to be ready, adapt and accept any shift/deviation of delivery time place, which is neither in the hand of the driver or transportation company.

Is Door-To-Door Auto Transport For You?

  • The decision to rent a vehicle, drive from one corner to the other of the country or get us to deliver your priceless vehicle, is at your discretion. You know what.
  • Is best for you. Verify our delivery records, patterns we follow, our reviews and reputation before handing over the job. We assure you the best of our services at all times.
  • If tight on a budget, make sure to use our “Quote Calculator” to get an instant estimated cost, so that you plan your trip and save money for emergency purposes.
  • Contact us Today, and get the right quote for “DOOR TO DOOR” delivery services.