Open Vehicle Transport

We help you in moving to another State, thousand miles away through Vehicle Transporting Services.

Driving for longer miles is hectic and puts your vehicle at risk of getting damaged, adds additional miles too. Reaching the final destination, using our vehicle shipping services is now easy.

With Vehicle shipping, the choice for open or closed carrier is available for you & your family. The below information will give you a great insight on the options. Among other options, a semi-truck bed vehicle is an open mode transport system that is configured to be stacked with a number of vehicles, often seen on the highways making deliveries to dealers across the States. It may be the right option for your vehicle to move to the final location, anywhere.

Several other options are available at your fingertip, as auto transport companies offer both the open and closed vehicle carriers, but people hardly realize the benefit of choosing open auto shipping.


Open transport costs much less than closed transport as the bed is lighter and comes at a cheaper price. Because of the light weight the pressure on the engine is less while moving therefore, low fuel consumption.

Additionally, it gives the driver to haul more vehicles, so is inexpensive. Open carriers tend to support more vehicles than the closed carrier’s configuration.

Save Your Vehicle’s Wear and Tear

Taking your vehicle or truck across the country, shall really put some wear and tears on your tires. Running an engine for so long will put your motor and mechanical parts at risk adding too much mileage.

Mileage helps degrade the motor activity. It is always better to save the miles and wear if not actually used by yourself, not while moving States or transporting. Shipping autos saves dollars in the end.

Your Time

Time is a key factor and auto transport helps to save a lot more of your time and use them in a more productive way. Divert your time in wrapping up more important pending works including packing up the necessity items, take a break and do some sightseeing, relax, catch up with friends and relatives, or plan a more eventful trip with your loved ones.

You will find your vehicle at your destined location when you are there. Do more instead of sitting behind the wheels.

Multi-Vehicle Family

Most families own additional cars. If you want to drive together, have your other vehicle shipped. It helps in taking out the trouble of staying together on the road or keeping track of one another.

Having a helper while travelling long distances with children/babies is a great idea.


Open vehicle transports are faster and conveniently available as there are less number of closed trucks on the road. Also, you may have to wait longer to book a closed truck and store your vehicle elsewhere in the meantime.

Cheaper, faster, and easily available are the open trucks.


US Car Ship trucking is insured to move vehicles across the States.

Open transportation is Cheaper, faster and effective to move single or more vehicles, and we are fully insured against any damages that might happen, when your vehicle is loaded on the truck and the infrastructure to manage challenges during long distance shifts.

Pros and Cons of Open Vehicle Transport Services

Weigh your options with the below Pros and Cons:

Pros: Faster delivery with pocket friendly rates, variety of options, easy to book makes the open transportation vehicle the best possible way to move your vehicle across the USA. Punctuality with the shipping and arrival, the carrier fits more than seven vehicles in two separate tiers, brings down the cost per vehicle shipped and doesn’t pinch the pocket.

Due to being lightweight than closed vehicles, fuel efficiency is higher with open vehicle truck transport and helps in cutting down the shipping cost for the consumers. So, it is cheaper.

Cons: The common drawback is the exposure of the vehicle to all weather during transport through the highway. Means no matter if it is snowing or pouring rain, your vehicle will feel the heat. Be ready to give it a good wash when it arrives filthy from the long run. TIP: Request to put your vehicle on the top level of the two tier truck.

What are the different types of open Vehicle carriers?

The three main types of open Vehicle carriers include the following:

  • Single level with multi Vehicles – These companies transport high-end vehicles and the typical sports Vehicle.
  • Two level with multi Vehicles – Most people choose this type of Vehicle transport, which is ideal for the kind of Vehicles you drive every day.
  • Single tow trailer with one level on dually truck – This carrier is great when your Vehicle only needs transporting to the next town or nearby city.

Is an open vehicle carrier right for me?

One must check the benefits before making the final decision on transportation through Open Vehicle Carrier. The key options shall help you decide.

Distance: If travelling to a different State, then an open vehicle is the right choice, with good numbers already available on the road. More carriers with more cars on the highway, the less you pay as alternate options are available from various

agencies. With the capacity to hold more than seven vehicles additional car transportation can be availed.

Start and Arrival times: With more specific pickup and delivery time frame, an open vehicle fits the description for the work. With their dominance on the highway, it allows the driver to give you precise pickup and drop times.

Costs: Families try to have more savings of their hard earned money and that too when moving to a completely different State. Open vehicles are more secure and affordable, when transporting your vehicle. You will not feel overspending as it will not pinch the pocket.

Vehicle Size: Vehicle size helps in choosing open vehicle transport. The lighter the vehicle the more easy to load and ship, as there is low fuel consumption due to less stress on the motor and the trailer.

Type: Two tier level transport is the preferred type for most of the customers. Request to put your vehicle on the upper tier. Expensive vehicles often go on a single level trailer of an open carrier.

Speed: Those who do not wish to wait long for their vehicles to arrive, open vehicle carriers are the fastest. Talk to our specialized team and take advantage of the auto carrier, that’s most often on the road ready to transport. Schedule the time of your delivery in no time.

There might be other reasons to prefer open transportation over the closed ones. What matters most is having your vehicle delivered to you on time and safely at your location. Ready to take a chance with the weather or debris that may hit your car, then an open transportation carrier is for you.

Move your car faster and efficiently with an open transportation vehicle when on a tight schedule and fixed budget. Call us today to inquire on other concerns you may have or get a free quote on open vehicle transportation details.